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Section Information: West Philadelphia

West PhiladelphiaWest Philly is one of the larger sections of Philadelphia and it has 21 separate neighborhoods, although the borders of the neighborhoods are not 100% clear. Here we will give you a short introduction on those so you can plan your trip accordingly. In general there are about 216,000 people living in West Philadelphia and the section itself is located west of Center City, north of Kingsessing, east of Millbourne and south of Manayunk.

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Here are some essential facts about the neighborhoods of West Philadelphia:

Belmont Village

This neighborhood is bordered by Lincoln Highway, Belmont Avenue and Bala Golf Club. Formerly it was part of Blockley Township before it merged with Philadelphia in the mid 19th century.

Carroll Park

Carroll Park is bordered by West Girard Avenue, Lancaster Avenue, Lansdowne Avenue and Haverford Avenue. It is located between Hestonville and Haddington.

Cathedral Park

The main road of this smaller neighborhood is Lancaster Avenue, while the main borders of it are North 52nd Street and West Girard Avenue.

Cedar Park

Cedar Park is located just south of Walnut Hill, while the borders of it are South 46th street to the east, Baltimore Avenue to the south, South 50th street to the west and Spruce Street to the north.

Centennial District

This is an area of Philadelphia with nice parks and good spots to relax. The borders are not so well defined, but to the south it is West Girard Avenue. The Smith Memorial Arch can also be found in this neighborhood.


Dunlap is bordered by Market Street, Haverford Avenue, North 52nd Street and North 49th Street. It is located between Mill Creek and Cobbs Creek.

Garden Court

This is a smaller area of Philadelphia located between Cedar Avenue and Locust Street. The Melcolm X Park is also in this neighborhood.


Haddington is one of the larger neighborhoods in this area, located between Carroll Park and Cobbs Creek. Haddington Woods is bordering it to the west and Mill Creek to the east.

Haverford North

This little triangle of a neighborhood can be found between Haverford Avenue, North 44th Street and Lancaster Avenue. Lee Park is bordering it to the south.


Mantua is bordered by Spring Garden Street to the south, Mantua Avenue to the north and North 40th Street to the west. It is also not far from the Schuylkill River.

Mill Creek

The main roads of this small neighborhood are Westminster Avenue, North 48th Street and Haverford Avenue.

Overbrook Park

This neighborhood is just north of Carroll Park and south of Merion Park. The main road here is Lancaster Avenue. There is a general area called Overbrook which can be split up into Overbrook Park and Overbrook Farms.

Overbrook Farms

This are is north of Overbrook Park. It is close to the cross section of Lancaster Avenue and City Avenue. This is the most northwestern part of West Philadelphia.

Powelton Village

This neighborhood is north of the famous Drexel University. Powelton Avenue is the main road here, while Drexel Park is also located in this area.

Spruce Hill

This is also a larger neighborhood with its main roads being Walnut Street,  Chestnut Street and Baltimore Avenue. It is north of the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia.

Squirrel Hill

This is the most southern part of West Philadelphia. The borders of it are the railway tracks, Springfield Avenue and South 46th Street.

University City

University City is a broader neighborhood which can be split up into smaller neighborhoods as well. There are approximately 50,000 people living in this area. University of Pennsylvania is located in this area, but other campuses of other universities can also be found here. The local ZIP codes are 19104, 19139 and 19143. The estern border of this neighborhood is the Schuylkill River and the Schuylkill Expressway.

Walnut Hill

This is a smaller area in West Philadelphia. It is bordered by Spruce Street to the south, Market Street to the north, South 50th Street to the west and South 46th Street to the east.

Wynnefield Heights

This smaller neighborhood is north of Fairmount Park, south of Wissahickon. The Belmont reservoir can be found in this area while it also has many trees and parks to hang out.

Cobbs Creek

This is the most southwestern part of West Philadelphia. Angora is bordering it to the south, Cobbs Creek itself to the west, Market Street to the north and South 50th Street to the east.


The Bala Golf Club is one of the more important places of this neighborhood. It is located west of Fairmount Park and east of Overbrook Park.

So now that you are familiar with the most important geographical information about the nieghborhoods, you can start to explore them!

You will start this trip in the north of this section at Hilton Philadelphia City Avenue at 4200 City Avenue and then drive south to get to Robola Pizza & Grill at 1999 N 52nd Street.

Now it is time for some fantastic ice cream, so let’s drive on Lancaster Avenue to Sweet Treat Hut at 1240 North 50th Street.

After enjoying some nice sweets, it is time to relax in a lovely park. So let’s drive south on North 52nd street to get to Malcolm X Park at 5100 Pine Street. 

If you are still hungry, do not worry about it, we’ve got you covered. The next stop will be Quality Taste Jamaican Restaurant & Jerk Hut at 4002 Lancaster Avenue. Just drive east on Haverford Avenue. 

Now it is time to visit the most important building in this section: University of Pennsylvania.

We hope you enjoyed your day in West Philadelphia, now you can drive back to Olney-Oak Lane in the northeast on Lincoln Highway. 

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