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Upper North Philadelphia – A section guide

Did you know that although most people living here consider Upper North Philadelphia one of the neighborhoods in Philly, in reality it is a section of the city. If you are interested to know more about the particular neighborhoods of this section, this short guide will give you a good idea about the interesting spots here and you can also learn something about the history of this area. The total population of this section is roughly 80,000 with 30,000 households. 

In general Upper North Philadelphia is bordered by Lincoln Highway to the north, North Front Street to the east, West York Street to the south and Ridge Avenue to the west. There are various important communities in this area so below you can read the most important facts about the particular neighborhoods of Upper North Philadelphia. 

Allegheny West

This neighborhood is mostly inhabited by African-Americans (97%) and there was a significant population decline in the last decade of the 20th century. The area codes are 215, 267 and 445. To the northwest you can find on the map East Falls, to the south Strawberry Mansion and to the east Glenwood. If you are looking for affordable housing in Philadelphia, this neighborhood might be for you. 


Fairhill is home to a significant Hispanic community in Philadelphia. El Centro De Oro is an important district of this neighborhood. From a bordering perspective Franklinville can be found to the north, Kensington to the east, West Kensington to the south and Glenwood to the west. The ZIP code of this area is 19133 in case you would like to send a postcard to someone living here. 


The main road of this area is the North Broad Street and in gerenal it is bordered by the West Glenwood Avenue, Germantown Avenue and West York Street. The area codes for this neighborhood are 445 and 267. This area is mostly inhabited by African-Americans. The Glenwood Community Development Corporation was founded by activists in this neighborhood. 

Hunting Park

The ZIP code of this area is 19140 and it is important to note that due to the high crime rates, there have been many demonstartion in this neighborhood to reduce the crime rate. The are is defined by West Roosevelt Boulevard to the north, North Front Street to the east, West Erie Avenue to the south and Germantown Avenue to the west. This are is giving home to some important schools in the city, like the Clara Barton School or the Bayard Taylor School. 


Not surpisingly this area consisted of two separate parts: Nicetown and Tioga before they merged into one neighborhood. One of the most important buildings of this area is the Free Library of Philadelphia. To the north you can find Fernhill Park, to the west Crowell Street, to the south West Allegheny Ave and to the east it is North Broad St. 

After the hard facts, here is a practical guide so you can enjoy the best spots of the neighborhoods of the Upper North Philadelphia section. 

The best place to start this guided tour is the Hunting Park in the north of this section, you can find it at 900 West Hunting Park Ave and then head south on North 9th Street until you reach Porky’s Point Restaurant at 3824 N 5th St to have a great lunc here. 

After enjoying a great meal at Porky’s Point, you can now drive southwest on Rising Star Avenue until you reach your next destination: Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University at 3500 N Broad Street.

After leaving the school of medicine now it is time for some shopping. On West Allegheny Avenue you should turn south until you arrive at Denise’s Delicaciesat 2916 N 22nd Street.

We hope you have enjoyed the delicious products at Denise’s, so now it is time to get everything needed to fix your vehicle at AutoZone at 2445 N Broad Street.

The last destination of this afternoon tour will be the Freddy & Tony’s Restaurant at 201 West Allegheny Ave. Just drive northeast on West Glenwood Avenue. 

We hope you had a great time at this restaurant, now to conclude the tour, let’s head north back to Olney-Oak Lane. 

In case you would like to further explore Philadelphia, here is our guide about another important section of the city: Center City. 

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