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Why Visit The Museum of the American Revolution

The Museum of the American Revolution, a new museum in Philadelphia, is one of the best museums to tour. The museum has many interactive exhibits and activities for all ages. The Museum of the American Revolution was founded by Founding Father George Washington’s great-great-grandson George Washington Jr., who wanted people to know more about this period in history and what it meant for Americans today. This institution features rotating exhibitions that will showcase different aspects of our nation’s founding.

A wide variety of historical  exhibits of Revolutionary War era

The museum features original letters, books, and documents from our founding fathers, as well as a first-hand account from Benedict Arnold himself. The Museum also has artifacts like a sword that belonged to George Washington and his family’s bible with their personal handwritten notes in it. Not only is this museum rich in history but they also have interactive exhibits which are designed for children ages 7-12 years old. 

Story of independence in one place

The Museum of the American Revolution Features an immersive experience with over three hundred artifacts from the Revolutionary War era. The museum tells the story of America’s fight for independence through galleries that explore who we are as a nation. Visitors can tour George Washington’s headquarters or stand where Benedict Arnold betrayed his country to join forces with British troops- but they won’t be able to leave without being touched by our most powerful exhibition.

Original items from our founding fathers

Museum of the American Revolution. If you are in Philadelphia, PA and want to experience something unique, then take a tour of the Museum of the American Revolution. The museum is full of artifacts from our country’s founding era that will make you feel like you’re right there during those times. You’ll see original items such as George Washington’s camp desk and James Madison’s handwritten copy of his Virginia Plan for Constitution which laid out how America would be governed. 

To sum it up…

Museum of the American Revolution is a fascinating place to visit if you want to learn more about America’s history. It’s housed in an old school building that was once owned by Betsy Ross, who made the first American flag. Visitors can see what life was like for Americans during the Revolutionary War and get up close with artifacts from George Washington’s tent, a soldier’s camp, or Benedict Arnold’s boot-heel cupboard. 

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