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Lower North Philadelphia – Facts about the section

This section of Philadelphia consists of several interesting neighborhoods, so here we will introduce them so you get a clear picture about this area of the city. the section is just north of Center City, east of Fairmount Park, west of Petty Island and south of Upper North Philadelphia. There have been heavy insvestments in this section to make it a Model City and extend the well developed areas of the city center of Philadelphia to the north and to establish other calm residential areas.

The Temple University and the Girard College are part of the education infrastructure of Lower North Philadelphia, while the north Philadelphia Station is an important hub from a transportation perspective. The south border of this section is the Spring Garden Street, on the other side of the street it is Center City. 

Let’s have a brief overview about the particulat neighborhoods of this section so you can explore them if you want:


This area is just east of North 33rd Street and west of North 25th Street. Probably this is not a huge secret, but the name of this area come from the many traditional breweries which have been working here for many decades or even cunturies. The first people who settled here arrived here in the late 19th century, who were mostly German settlers. 

Cecil B. Moore

This neighborhood is located between North Broad Street and North 24th Street. The students of Temple University had a great impact on this area, they clearly define the atmosphere of this part of Philadelphia. The population of this area is approximately 37,000. 


The borders of this area are the Front Street and the 6th Street and the local ZIP code is 19122. The area was giving home to the Northern National Bank before it got demolished. The estimated population of the area is 16,000. 


This one is one of the smaller neighborhoods of the cit, located between North 10th Street, Cecil B. Moore Avenue, North 5th Street and West Girard Avenue. 


Poplar is mostly a residential area with some industrial parts in it. The neighborhood is located between West gurard Ave, Spring Garden St, N Broad St and N 5th Street. The Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception can be found here. 


The neighborhood of Sharswood is located in the triangle of North College Avenue, North 25th Street and Ridge Avenue to the east. If you travel to the west, you will quickly arrive to Brewerytown. 

Spring Garden

This area can be found between Fairmount Avenue and Spring Garden Street, just east of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. This area has a very good public transportation network and has many good parks. The zip code of the neighborhood is 19130 in case you want to send a letter to someone living here. 


This is a smaller neighborhood located between Cecil B. Moore Avenue, North 17th Street and West Sedgley Avenue. This area is mostly inhabited by African Americans and it is just east to the East Park Reservoir. 

Strawberry Mansion

To the northwest of Stanton you will find Strawberry Mansion. This are is located between West Lehigh Avenue and North Philadelphia West. The ZIP code of this neighborhood is 19121, this area was fromerly known as Summerville. 


Yorktown is north of Poplar, west of Ludlow, east of Cecil B. Moore and south of Temple University. The Fresh Grover of Progress Plaza can be found in this neighborhood. 


The exact borders of this neighborhood are not exactly clear, but it consists of mostly Franklintown, Francisville and Spring Garden. It can be considered the Art Museum area because of the multiple museum located here. The Eastern State Penitentiary is also in this area. 

Northern Liberties

This is the nieghborhood of the Lower North Philadelphia section which is just next to the Delaware river. The western border of this area is the North 6th Street, the WaterFront Square is also located here, 

Now let’s take a look into a guide on how you can best explore the Lower North Philadelphia area after going through the basic information of its neighborhoods. 

We will start this small trip at Blackbird at 614 North 2nd Street and then drive west until you reach Edgar Allan Pоe National Historic Site at 532 N 7th Street.

After visiting the historic site, you will drive west on Callowhill Street to reach your next destination: Barnes Foundation at 2025 Benjamin Franklin Parkway. 

Now that you have visited this great museum, let’s drive north on North 22nd Street to arrive at Eastern State Penitentiary at 2027 Fairmount Avenue. 

We hope you like the cultural sights, so now it is time for some lunch at Spot Gourmet Burgers at 2821 West Girard Avenue. Just drive northwest on Pennsylvania Avenue until you get there. 

After such a long trip it is time to chill a bit at Dendy Recreation Center at 1555 North 10th Street. 

We very much hope that you have spent a great day in Lower North Philadelphia, let’s drive back to Olney-Oak Lane. 

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