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Far Northeast Philadelphia – A guided tour

The Far Northeast Philadelphia section is pretty easy to define. It is located northeast of Near Northeast Philadelphia, southwest of Mechanicsville, south of Trevose and northwest of the Delaware River. The estimated population of this section is 204,000 people. The most important landmark of this area is the Northeast Philadelphia Airport. There are 17 smaller neighborhoods as part of this section, so here below we will give you a few details about this areas so you can get to know this section a bit better. We have also collected the most interesting spots of the section, so in case you want to go on a little adventure here, you can do that with our help. 

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Academy Gardens

The local ZIP code of this nice neighborhood is 19114 in case you have relative living here and you want to send a postcard. Penn-Academy is a sports organization which is located in this area. 


This area is southwest to the airport and is bordered by Roosevelt Blvd and Grant Avenue. It was formerly part of the Lower Dublin Township. Freight railroad is an important part of the transportation infrastructure of this neighborhood. 


The total population of this particular neighborhood is close to 32,000. It is bordered by Krewstown, Tomlinson Road and Pine Road. 19115 is the local ZIP code of the neighborhood in case you want to send a letter here. 


Formerly this has been part of a Township which has been merged with Philadelphia in 1854. Woodhaven Road and Thornton Road are important streets of this neighborhood from a border perspective. One of the stops of the underground railroad was also here. 

Crestmont Farms

This is one of the smaller neighborhoods of the Far Northeast Philadelphia section. It is bordered by Knights road and the Poquessing River. 

Holme Circle

This smaller are is located just next to Winchester Park and Pennypack Park. Interestingly Sylvester Stallone was a former resident of this area. 


This neighborhood is located south of Bustleton and north of Pennypack Park. The Kashmir Garden Supermarket is located in this area. 


Millbrook is located between Normandy and Morrel Park. The Poquessing Park is an important and popular sight in this area for both locals and tourists. One of the neighbors of this area is Franklin Mills. 

Modena Park

Sometimes this neighborhood is being considered as part of Lawncrest, being to the north of it. Previously it was called Marburg, the name Lawndale was given in the late 19th century. 

Morrell Park

This area is bordered by Academy road, Waldemire Drive and Knights Road. The Jefferson Torresdale Hospital is also located here. 


This neighborhood is just south of Philadelphia Mills. The Woodhaven Road is a very important street when it comes to public transit in this area. 


The main borders of the Parkwood neighborhood are Woodhaven Road and Knights road. Junod Playground can be visited here in this area. This are is just north of Normandy. 


This can be considered the most northern part of Philadelphia, being located northwest of Bustleton and north of the Northeast Philadelphia Airport. The ZIP code of this neighborhood is 19116. 


Torresdale can be found at the most southern edge of this section. It is north of Holmesburg and south of Morrell Park. The ZIP code here is 19114. The Fluehr Park is an important landmark of the neighborhood. 


Winchester Park

This is a very nice residential area, just north of the creek and south of Holme Avenue. The Welsh Road is connecting this part of Philadelphia with Holmesburg in the south. 

We hope you appreciated the information about these neighborhoods, so now it is time to hop in your car and see it for yourself!

You wil start this gastronomy tour at Grand China Buffet at 27 Franklin Mills Blvd, and then drive northwest on Woodhaven Road until you reach Ninja Sushi & Hibachi Japanese Restaurant at 14100 Bustleton Avenue. 

You next stop will be at Ahi at 9997 Bustleton Avenue. Just drive south on Bustleton Avenue. 

It is impossible to miss the main landmark of this section, so let’s drive east on Grant Avenue so you can check out the Northeast Philadelphia Airport at 9800 Ashton Road. 

If you are still hungry, do not worry about it. Now you will drive south until you reach The Fresh Works at 2863 Holme Avenue. 

It is also important to check out one of the best pubs of the Far Northeast Philadelphia section: Dagwood’s Pub at 4625 Linden Avenue. 

As the last part of this tour now you can drive back to Olney-Oak Lane through the following route. 

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