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Center City Tour Guide & Facts

If you ever visit Philadelphia, we are sure that you will also check out Center City with all the sights that are located here. It is not easy to pick the most important ones, because this area is packed with a lot of fun and interesting spots to explore for both tourists and locals. Center City is considered to be a section of Philadelphia, so here we will give you a brief introduction to the different neighborhoods which are located here so you get a good idea about this part of the city. The borders of this section are the Delaware river to the east, South Street to the south, the Schuylkill River to the west and Spring Garden Street to the north. 

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Avenue of the Arts

This neighborhood of Philadelphia is packed with cultural sights, so if you are a fan os museums, exhibitions and art galleries, this area is definitely for you! This area is located very close to the City Hall, you should head south from there. 


This area is bordered by North Broad Street, Vine Street, north 8th Street and Spring Garden Street. The area got its name after Hannah Callowhill Penn. The Reading Viaduct is an important sight of this particular neighborhood. 


Not surprisingly this is an Asian American neighborhood of Philadelphia and is giving home to the Pennsylvania Convention Center. It is located northeast to the City Hall and is west of Franklin Square. 

Elfreth’s Alley

Practically this is a street, but can be also considered one of the neighborhoods of Philadelphia. It is close to the Delaware River, can be found between North 2nd Street and North Front Street. This is a National Historic Landmark. 

French Quarter

This small neighborhood is just north of Rittenhouse Square. This is an important hub for promoting French culture in the USA and it is located at Center City West. 

Logan Square

This is one of the most popular areas of Philadelphia among tourists. It gives home to many important sights, just like the Franklin Institute or the Barnes Foundation. Vine Street is going through this neighborhood. It is just next to the Schuylkill River. 

Naval Square

This neighborhood is just south of Fitler square and can be considered a gated community. It has been serving the US Naval Academy in the 19th century. It is located northwest of Point Breeze. 

Jeweler’s Row

If you are into shopping, this might be the perfect neighborhood for you with a lot of retailers and craftsmen waiting for you here. This area is also important for selling diamonds and is just north of Washington Square. 

Market East

The Market Street or High Street is located just northwest of Liberty Bell and is one of the most historic streets in Philadelphia. William Penn has planned many markets on this street.

Old City

This is a larger area both south and north of Benjamin Franklin Bridge, just next to the Delaware River. Also the Independence Hall is located in this neighborhood which is probably the most important spot in the city. 

Museum District

The Benjamin Franlin Parkway is the spot you are looking for if you are into museums. It starts at Logan Square and leads to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. 

Penn Center

This building complex is just next to Market Street, it is a huge office building in the heart of Philadelphia. It was built in the late 19th century and consists of multiple buildings with different functions. 

Rittenhouse Square

This is not only the name of a park which is located next to Walnut Street, but also the surrounding area. This open park has been planned by William Penn in the 17th century. 

Fitler Square

If you visit this neighborhood, you also have to check out the Schuylkill River Park. This is a nice and calm area, perfectly suitable for relaxed walks in Philadelphia. 

Penn’s Landing

This is an area stretching between the Benjamin Franklin Bridge and Queen Street, just next to the Delaware River. It is a great place for summertime events in Philadelphia. 

Society Hill

This is a larger neighborhood just north of Queen Village, also giving home to Washington Square. It has been built in the late 17th century and can be considered one of the oldest neighborhoods of Philadelphia. 

South Street

Initially this place was called Cedar Street and this is the southern border of Center City. Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens can be also found here in this street. 

Washington Square West

This neighborhood is just east to South Broad Street. The name has been used since the 1950s and this area also has the famous “Gayborhood” in it. 

But we know that you would like to get some more practical tips about this section, so here is our guide so you can explore Center City:

Probably the best place to start this tour is the northwest of Center City at the Philadelphia Museum of Art at 2600 Benjamin Franklin Parkway and then drive southeast until you get to The Franklin Institute at 222 N 20th Street.

After you finish visiting the museum, your next stop should be Rittenhouse Square, so just drive south on North 19th Street until you reach the park. 

We hope you had a good time at the Park, now is time to visit the Liberty Bell at 526 Market Street by heading west from Rittenhouse Square. 

After visiting this famous sight of Philadelphia, now you should drive to Elfreth’s Alley at 124-126 Elfreth’s Alley to do some well deserved shopping. You can get there by driving east on Race Street. 

We hope you enjoyed Elfreth’s Alley, now it’s time to drive west on Arch Street to get to Pennsylvania Convention Center at 1101 Arch St.

Now to finish your trip after you explored the Convention Center, let’s head back north to 601 W Fisher Avenue. 

If you are ready for more adventures, here is a tour guide about the following section in Philadelphia: Lower North Philadelphia. 


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