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Bridesburg-Kensington-Port Richmond – A section tour

This part of Philadelphia is not one of the best known by tourists, but there are many hidden treasures here which are worth to explore, so here is our guide about the Bridesburg-Kensington-Port Richmond section of the city. This area can be found just nort of Center City, west of the Delaware River and south of Near-Northeast Philadelphia. It has been a mostly industrial area of the city, but it’s worth mentioning that nowadays most of the bigger factories which have been operating here are no longer active. 

The population of the section is around 151,000, with 35% of the people living here being Hispanic or Latino. The northern border of this section is the East Erie Avenue and the Torresdale Avenue. This area consists of multiple smaller neighborhoods, so here below you will find more information about the particular neighborhoods so you can plan your trip accordingly.

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And now let’s learn something about the neighborhoods of this section of Philadelphia. 


The borders of this neighborhood are the Delaware River, the Betsy Ross Bridge and the Delaware Expressway. In the past, there has been pretty strong German, Polish and Irish communities in this neighborhood. The estimated population of this area is 8,700. 


This area is located between the North Front Street, the Delaware River and East York Street. It is no secret that the name of this neighborhood comes from the fact that the early settlers have been fisherman in this area. The Edward Corner Warehouse is an interesting landmark of this part of the city. 


The Harrowgate neighborhood can be found between East Sedgley Avenue, Frankford Avenue and East Allegheny Avenue. It is just next to Feltonville and Juniata. This area has been founded in 1784 and is inhabited by a mostly Hispanic population. 


This can be considered a larger neighborhood which can be split up into South Kensington, East Kensington and West Kensington. The borders of this area are Castor Avenue, Front Street and Trenton Avenue. It has been founded in the 18th century by Anthony Palmer. 

Port Richmond

The borders of Port Richmond are Castor Avenue, Kensington to the west, Olde richmond to the southwest and the Delaware River to the east. The ZIP codes of this area are 19125 and 19134. This neighborhood has a solid Polish-American community. 

We hope that now you are excited to explore the neighborhoods of this section. 

Let’s start at the Harrowgate Park at 3455 Kensington Avenue so you can take some fresh air and now you can drive southwest until you reach McPherson Square at 601 E Indiana Avenue. 

After leaving McPherson Square your next destination will be El Cantinflas at 110 W Dauphin Street so you can have a proper lunch before you continue the tour. 

Now that you are not hungry anymore, let’s drive southeast on North Lehigh Avenue to get to Cohocksink Recreation Center at 2901 Cedar Street.

After leaving the recreation center, you should drive northeast on Gaul Street to visit your next stop for some shopping for later: The Home Depot at 2539 Castor Avenue.

It is time to finish the tour by driving northeast on Richmond Street to check out a very nice local bar: Bridesburg Pub at 4254 Richmond Street. 

As a conclusion of this mini-tour now you can drive back to Olney-Oak Lane to have some rest. 

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