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Olney-Oak Lane – A section in Philadelphia

mobile mechanics in Olney-Oak LaneAlthough many people consider Olney-Oak Lane to be a neighborhood in Philadelphia, in reality it is a planning analysis section. Of course in practise this is not a huge difference, most of the people living here identify as citizens on Olney-Oak Lane. This section is just north of Upper North Philadelphia, east of Germantown/Chestnut Hill, southwest of Near Northeast Philadelphia and south of Elkins Park. 

While there are no official neighborhoods in Olney-Oak Lane, these 9 districts can be considered the “neighborhoods” of this particular section if you talk to people living here. If you are interested in our car repair services in the area, you can check out our main site here

East Oak Lane

The main borders of this neighborhood are Cheltenham Ave to the north, Godfrey Ave to the south, Broad Street to the west and 5th St. to the east. The estimated population of East Oak Lane is 10,000.


This neighborhood is located west of Frankford, north of Harrowgate, east of Franklinville and south of Tacony Creek Park. This can be considered a working-class area in Philadelphia.

Fern Rock

This area is located north of Wyoming, south of Logan, west of Olney and east of Wister. The La Salle University in operating in Fern Rock as well. 


This area is closest to Cheltenham and Olney when it comes to locations in Philadelphia. Not surprisingly, there are many Hangul signs visible in this neighborhood. 


This neighborhood is to the south of Ogontz and to the southeast of East Germantown. The 2 ZIP codes of this area are 19140 and 19141. 

Melrose Park

Technically this area belongs to Cheltenham Township, but practically most people consider it part of Philadelphia. Old York Rd and Cheltenham Ave are the 2 most important borders of this neighborhood. 


Ogontz can be found to the south of West Oak Lane, to the west of Olney, to the north of Logan. The Suffolk Manor Apartments is an interesting spot in this area. 


This neighborhood is to the north of Feltonville, to the northeast of Hunting Park
West Oak Lane and to the west of Lawncrest. Roosevelt Blvd can be considered the main bordering road of the area. 

West Oak Lane

This area is located to the southeast of Stenton, to the south of La Mott and to the north of Ogontz. The area codes are 215, 267 and 445. 

Now that you are familiar with the section and the neighborhoods, let us take you on a quick tour:

You should start this small guided trip at the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation at 7121 Ogontz Ave and head east on Haines St until you reach Martha’s Kitchen and Events at 723 Oak Ln.

Now that you have visited the Banquet Hall at 723 Oak Lane, you should head south on N 11th Street until you reach Fern Rock Transportation Center Station. 

Straight after you have visited the Transport Center, you can now drive southeast on W Tabor Road until you arrive to the AutoZone Center at 180 W Duncannon Ave.

After you have checked out the auto parts at W Duncannon Ave you should continue your trip by heading south on N Mascher St so later you will arrive at the Greenmount Cemetery at 4301 N Front St.

We hope you enjoyed the beautiful park at the Greenmount Cemetery, now you should drive east on E Luzerne St until you get to Save a Lot at 3901-29 M St.

After doing some shopping at Save A Lot, you can now just return to 601 W Fisher Ave via Wyoming Ave to finish your short trip in Philadelphia. 

If you are interested in other tours in Philadelphia, you can check out our guide about Upper North Philadelphia. 


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