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Near Northeast Philadelphia Section

In case you are ready to explore neighborhoods of Philadelphia which are a bit further away from Center City, then Near Northeast Philadelphia could be a good option for you with its cultural and historical diversity. This section of the city is just north of Bridesburg, west of the Delaware River, east of Cheltenham and south of Pennypack Park. The total population of this section is more than 350,000. It consists of many smaller neighborhoods, so here we will give you a short introduction about them so you can plan your tour here accordingly. We will also give you specific recommendations about what places to visit here if this is your first time in this section.

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This area is just next to Burholme Park and can be considered part of the larger Fox Chase. The Jeanes Campus of the Temple University Hospital is located in this neighborhood. The Central Avenue is in the heart of this particular area of the city. 

Castor Gardens

Castor Gardens is just north of Cottmann Avenue, while the ZIP codes of the area are 19111 and 19149. The popular Roosevelt Mall is located here, which is perfect for shopping for tourists and locals as well. 


The name of this neighborhood is coming from Crescentville Rope Factory, although it is not an active business anymore. The Tookany Creek is an important landmark of this area. The ZIP code is 19120. 

Fox Chase

As mentioned earlier, this neighborhood is just next to Burholme and is located east of Rockledge, northeast of Cheltenham. About 20,000 people live in this area. Originally this neighborhood was called Lower Dublin Township, before it merged with Philadelphia. 


One of the natural borders of this area is Frankford Creek, the neighborhood is located next to it to the northeast and northwest of Delaware Expressway. 19124 is the local ZIP code. There are many churches and schools in this area. 


The two main roads of this neighborhood are the Frankford Avenue and the Delaware Expressway. It was named after an important cartographer, Thomas Holme. This neighborhood is also home to a local prison which was opened in 1896. 


Juniata is located north of Harrowgate, southwest of Frankford and southeast of Feltonville. The local ZIP code is 19124. The population of this district is roughly 13,000 with a strong German-American community being typical of Juniata. 


This is one of the largest neighborhoods of this section, being north of Roosevelt Boulevard and south of Cheltenham and east of Tacony Creek. The ZIP codes are 19111 and 1920 in case you want to send a letter to someone living in this area. 


Sometimes this neighborhood is being considered as part of Lawncrest, being to the north of it. Previously it was called Marburg, the name Lawndale was given in the late 19th century. 

Lexington Park

This small neighborhood is east of Roosevelt Blvd and west of Pennypack Creek. The Nazareth Hospital can also be found in this area. 


The Mayfair neighborhood is located between Roosevelt Blvd and Frankford Avenue, just north of Tacony. There are many Irish Americans living here, and the total population is around 38,000. The Ethan Allen School is also located in this neighborhood, just like the Abraham Lincoln High School. 


The borders of this smaller neighborhood are Cheltenham Avenue and Roosevelt Boulevard. There are also two cemeteries located in this area. 

Oxford Circle

This neighborhood is located between Mayfair and Lawn Crest, with a total population of 48,000. Originally it was called Oxford Township before it merged with Philadelphia. Oxford Avenue and Castor Avenue are important roads of this particular neighborhood. 


This ZIP codes of this area are 19152 and 19111. The main roads of this neighborhood are Castor Avenue and Rhawn Street. The Rhawnhurst School is located in this area. 


This neighborhood is east of Cheltenham and north of Lawndale. The name is coming from the Ryerss Estate.


The local ZIP code is 19135 and the total population of the neighborhood is roughly 18,000. Tacony is north of Delaware Express way, south of Frankford Avenue, east of Wissinoming and west of Holmesburg. 


This neighborhood is in the south of the Near Northeast Philadelphia section, just next to Frankford and Bridesburg. The Harding Middle School is located here as well. 

Now that you have plenty of information about the Near Northeast Philadelphia section and its neighborhoods, let’s go on a tour to explore them!

We will start this tour at Burholme Park at 401 Cottman Avenue and drive east to reach ACME Markets at 8200 Roosevelt Blvd for some shopping. 

After getting the groceries, now it is time to buy the parts for the auto repair service at AutoZone Auto Parts at 6137 Frankford Avenue. Just drive south on Roosevelt Blvd. 

At this point you are probably hungry, so just drive southwest on Frankford Avenue until you reach Teddys Pizza at 4748 Frankford Avenue.

If you are into gourmet shopping, then we now a perfect place for you. Simply drive northeast on Delaware Expressway until you arrive at Al’s Corner Deli and Catering Services at 7940 Torresdale Avenue. 

Now it is time to visit the western part of this section, so you should drive to Lawncrest Park at 6000 Rising Sun Avenue by driving west on Tyson Avenue. 

To conlude this tour, now it is time to head back to Olney-Oak Lane in the south. 

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